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Obelisk is a platform for building scalable applications on IoT centric timeseries data.

What can you do with Obelisk?

  • Data producers can leverage Obelisk to store large amounts of (high-frequency) data, e.g. sensor readings, events, etc...
  • Data scientists can use Obelisk to gain access to interesting (and substantial) datasets for e.g. standalone machine learning experiments, enrichment design workflows, etc...
  • Applications developers: can rely on the powerful Obelisk APIs to create web applications, analysis tools or backend integrations with other systems.
  • End-users can engage with an ecosystem of Obelisk-powered frontend applications for evaluating new experiences (e.g. Smart Office, Smart City, ...).

Why Obelisk?

Ready for your research

At a glance

Obelisk offers a generic set of ingest and querying operations on time series, with support for Long term storage and Real-time streams, providing the core building blocks for a wide range of IoT centric applications. The platform is designed with security and data isolation in mind from the start and comes with a number of tools to enable fine-grained access control (based on standards such as OpenID and OAuth 2.0). Obelisk is a cloud-based System as a Service: no need for hardware, no complex setup procedures. You can get started right away!

A reliable partner

Built to last

The Obelisk platform is a highly scalable micro-service based architecture that can scale on-demand. It runs on dedicated production-grade hardware with failover capacity built-in. Our APIs are protected against usage spikes by applying buffering strategies and rate limiting, while being extensively monitored to detect issues early on.

Our aim is to keep improving the stability and performance of the platform.

Getting started

If this is the first time that you use Obelisk, please follow the Getting started instructions!

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If you need any help, here are a few sources you can check out:

Topic For Link
Support service desk Issues, requests, scope problems
Obelisk Explorer Web application for exploring your Obelisk data
Obelisk HTTP API HTTP API Documentation (Swagger)
Obelisk GraphiQL In-browser IDE for exploring the Obelisk GraphQL interface
Obelisk client library API Typescript client API