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How to request access

How to start and request access to the Obelisk API? Follow the steps below and you should be set up to get started quickly.

1. Type of application

Decide which type of application you are building. Is this a public facing client that allows users to log in and query values from Obelisk?

For these kinds of application you can use the obelisk-client library written in typescript to help in development.


dashboard UIs, visualization tools, ...

Or is this a client application that will identify as its own entity and fetch values that will then later be used in the application.


server applications, values processing applications, machine learning tools...

2. Gather project information

You will have to detail the application you are requesting access for. To do this, gather all information you can. The following checklist should go a long way:

  • Project name for which this application is developed
  • Company/team name of the developers of this project
  • Company/team name that requested development of this project
  • Type of information as decided in step 1.
  • Name of the application (easier for us to make a client_id)
  • Typical (main) use-cases that client will do (for instance: Visualise airquality on a map).
  • Will the application query historical values, live (realtime) values or both
  • Will the application be hosted on a domain name/ip. If so, what is the URI?
  • If you'll let users auth with our backend: what is the port of your development server? (http://localhost:4200)
  • A google account email address with which you will develop. (also see step 3)


The google account allows you to use our own web applications while developing.

3. First login on platform

Using a google account you will use while developing (the one from step 2), log in to either the Swagger UI or the Obelisk Explorer.

This will register your google account in our system, so we can give it the correct permissions and link it to the correct scopes. This will allow you to call APIs using the Swagger UI, in the same way your application will.

4. Request on service desk

  • Use the service desk to request access.
  • Provide all information gathered in step 2 and also mention the google account from step 3.
  • Someone will help you as soon as possible.

5. Now what?

While you wait you can already familiarize yourself with the following topics:

  • Read up on scopes and what they are.
  • Start exploring the platform using built-in tools. (everyone can access the scope)
  • Start with the auth guide.
  • Read the primer on how to use the Platform APIs for basic ingest and querying operations.