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Obelisk as a platform is still continuously being worked on. While new versions are being deployed and evaluated, we also try to provide a stable base for users that need to rely on Obelisk for long running projects or demos.

Obelisk API Versions

Currently there are two API versions being hosted on the platform:

API Version Base URI Status Recommended for new users / apps
v1 Deprecated No
v2 Stable Yes

Other interfaces

In addition to its native APIs, Obelisk also offers a number of other interfaces:

Interface ID Runs On Status Usage notes
Obelisk GraphQL API v2 Stable Recommended: provides a nice high-level alternative to the REST API, all feedback is welcome!
Obelisk NGSI-TSDB API v2 Demo Prototype Only use if NGSI compliancy is a must! The native Obelisk APIs (or GraphQL) will provide better performance!

Obelisk Core

All APIs and dependant services are backed by the same underlying Obelisk Core for which we are applying bug fixes and performance optimizations all the time. Note that these should be transparent to the user!

An overview of high level changes for each (API) version can be found by browsing the release notes on the left.