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Changes in v1.1

Obelisk logo New name & new home
First of all the stack now has a proper name: Obelisk. It is hosted at a new home URL

New hardware
Under the hood we have new much more powerful hardware to support the ever growing load and resource demand on the system.

Server Sent Events no longer experimental
The SSE API is now officially out of the experimental phase. It is now built to be scalable and will support resuming from a given eventID.

Temporal Paging API deprecated
The Temporal Paging API did not meet the usability standards that our consumers requested. The intention was for it to be super scalable, but after implementing values isolation and security, the impact of the API on scaling has been reduced greatly, therefore we are deprecating it. The API will remain available for now, for backward compatibility concerns, but we are working on a better and more usable alternative.

Ingest validation
One of the major reasons the previous stack ran into troubles, was when invalid formats were posted and congested the pipeline. This has been greatly remedied by introducing automatic ingest validation for scalar types (boolean, number, string).

Nice features ahead
Since usability was a major concern in version v1, the stack's internal architecture has been improved to be able to support some nice features in the future (eg. GraphQL and Function as a Service).