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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should bugs, security issues, or enhancement requests be reported?

The Obelisk Catalog has a built-in Issue Tracker that you can use for communicating with the support team.

How is Obelisk licensed?

Our goal is to open-source the Obelisk platform. The exact license type is to be determined.

Can I run Obelisk on my own infrastructure?

This should be possible in the future. Obelisk is a complex platform with lots of moving parts and there is still some work that needs to be done with regard to streamlining the installation process. Use the Issue Tracker to contact us for discussing terms for short term solutions.

I can't ingest or query data, my requests result in an exception with error code 429. How can I fix this?

Obelisk uses a rate limiting mechanism to protect the platform against malicious use (intended or unintended) and to enforce a fair use policy between the various clients.

You can check the status of these limits by browsing to the following page:

Contact us using the Issue Tracker if your application cannot be supported with the default limits.